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Professional Engineer Service:
PE Endorsement & Submission



Regularisation of Unauthorised Building Structure

Regularization Services

We are leading firm in Singapore for assisting numerous homeowners and factories in retaining their unauthorized building structures through regularization process of 7-8 authority submissions to obtain the Certificate of Statutory Completion So far, we have the highest success ratio in the local scene. 

PE Endorsement & Submission

PE Civil & Structural Services

We provide structural engineering services for both residential and commercial buildings. With over 150 projects completed and more underway, our team of highly experienced engineers ensures excellence in every endeavor. 


PE Geotechnical & Tunnel Services

For projects beyond 30 storeys, 6 meters deep, or 2 meters wide tunnels, PE Geotechnical is required. Leveraging our PE Geo & Tunnel qualification, we have helped numerous infrastructure projects especially from LTA and champion for One Nation Underground. 

PE Mechanical & Electrical Service

PE Mechanical & Electrical Services

Experienced in both public sectors and private sectors which encompass industrial, institutional, commercial, office, health care, industrial buildings particularly in fire safety services. Trained to provide M&E consultancy services for healthcare projects.

BCA Periodic Structural Inspection

BCA Periodic Structural Inspection (BCA PSI)

We provide straightforward, expert-driven Stage 1 and 2 submissions, complemented by practical repair guidance, ensuring your Singapore property not only meets but confidently exceeds regulatory standards, all with minimal hassle on your part.

Addition & Alteration Works

Property Audit & Endorsement Report

We assist property agents and homeowners in assessing properties that may have illegal structures or defects. These  could have been overlooked in past submissions to authorities by builders, which might affect the transfer of property ownership and bank loan approval.

Temporary Building Endorsement & Extension

Temporary Building & Structures Permit

Meet tight deadlines with our fast Temporary Structure Compliance Services. Our PEs excel in speeding through Singapore's regulations, delivering certifications 30% quicker than average. Trust us for efficient, reliable compliance that gets your temporary structures ready.

SCDF Fire Safety Submission

SCDF/FSSD Submission  Fire Safety Compliance

Qualified for SCDF fire certificate renewal and endorsements for all building types. Experienced in SCDF building and M&E plan submissions and compliance. Offer one-stop services for SCDF submissions and Minor Addition/Alteration Works (MAA) lodgement. Expert in fast-tracking SCDF submissions for tenancy fit-outs and office renovations.


Demolition & Reinstatement Work

Our demolition and reinstatement services in Singapore utilize advanced engineering techniques and strict compliance with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) submission protocols, ensuring high-performance, safe, and efficient project execution.


Topographic, Cadastral & Engineering Survey

Our topographic, cadastral, and engineering survey services in Singapore provide precise and reliable measurements, fully compliant with Singapore Land Authority (SLA) submission requirements, to support efficient project planning and execution.

Earth Control Measure.jpg

Earth Control Measure

In average, it took around 3 weeks for QECP ECM submission. However, due to technological advancement, Kiasu Construct is one of the first to reduce it to 3 working days, providing a  headstart for many contractors to start their work earlier than expected.


Construction Project Crisis Management

We had helped numerous troubled construction projects that have been abandoned or halted, causing delays in project completion. Our team of highly skilled Professional Engineers (PEs) ensures that construction is brought back on track efficiently.

AutoCAD Drafting & Design Service

AutoDesk Drafting & Drawing Service

Utilize CAD to bring precision, efficiency, and clarity to your designs, ensuring compliance with industry standards and seamless execution from concept to construction. Let us help you visualize success and build the future. We provide online & offline support.

Jetty Inspection & Marine Structure

Jetty Inspection & Marine Structure

Offers expert evaluations of jetties, docks, and marine facilities to ensure their safety, structural integrity, and compliance with local regulations. We provide actionable insights and recommendations for maintaining the operational reliability and longevity of your marine infrastructure.

Specialized Alternative Design for Soft Eye

Specialized Alternative Design for Soft Eye

Ensure the "soft eye" area combines the necessary structural integrity with a controlled weakness, allowing for easier penetration by TBMs. The service is crucial for projects involving sequential tunneling phases or where precise junctions between new and existing tunnels are required.

Resident Technical Officer & Resident Engineer Service

Resident Engineer/RTO

Immediate or full-time site supervision by RTO or RE, under the guidance of a QP appointed by the project owner, is required to comply with the BCA of Singapore's regulations. Both the RTO and RE oversee the site to ensure that construction follows BCA-approved plans.

Authority Liaison

PE Submissions to local authorities (URA, BCA, PUB, LTA Rail, LTA Road, JTC, HDB, SCDF, MPA and NParks) URA planning permission Electronic Planning Application & Land Use Consultation (EPAC)

Singapore Land Authority.png
SCDF Submission
PUB Submission
URA Submission
LTA Submission
JTC Submission
BCA submission
NParks Submission
HDB Submission
NEA Submission
Construction Engineering

Why Us 

Kiasu Constructs is a consortium of engineering firms, each excelling in specialized domains such as Civil & Structural, Mechanical & Electrical, and Geotechnical & Tunnel Engineering. This collaboration embodies the quintessential Kiasu spirit of Singapore, striving to provide unparalleled value through competitive pricing, stringent adherence to the latest compliance standards, and steadfast commitment to project excellence.

Competitive Pricing:
At Kiasu Constructs, we adopt a direct-to-consumer approach, integrating cutting-edge technological tools to streamline our operations. This strategy ensures our ability to consistently offer the most competitive bids, triumphing in scenarios requiring three quotations.

Latest Compliance:
We maintain rigorous adherence to the most current submission procedures required by authorities, ensuring our clients' projects proceed without delay or complication. This proactive approach guarantees peace of mind and upholds the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

Unwavering Commitment:
Our commitment is demonstrated not just in words but through decisive actions. As a leading firm in regularization work, we frequently step in to rescue halted projects or manage constructions in crisis. Our proactive engagement in these challenging scenarios showcases our dedication and reliability.


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